Editorial Madrid Cibeles


Madrid Cibeles and its subsidiaries MC Publishing America, MC Publishing Russia and MC Publishing Deutschland specialise in the production of top-level reports on dynamic economies and markets. We address the economic and political elites of Spain, the USA and Germany through the largest and most influential newspapers and magazines in their respective countries. We are dedicated to translating our clients’ communication needs into exclusive reports at the highest level of journalistic and visual quality.

Three factors have shaped our success and distinction in the world of communication:

The Media

We closely collaborate with some of the world’s top brands in publishing, reaching the decision makers of Spain (ABC and La Vanguardia), the USA (Newsweek) and Germany (FOCUS). Apart from widespread distribution and market penetration, our media partners are leaders in the key segments of top managers, entrepreneurs and high-income earners.


The secret of the outstanding quality of our reports is the quality of the people who create them. We work with the most reputable editorial and design staff. We believe that only the combination of content and presentation makes the difference. Therefore, quality is our main priority.

Collaboration and reliability

We believe that it is vital to be in close and constant collaboration with our clients to create the right message. Our aim is to forge long-lasting business relations. Therefore, transparency and the utmost devotion to deliver are vital elements of our philosophy.

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